Home!  It's a pandemic, people.  Writing, painting, lovin' on my kids.  Work is available on Instagram/Jenifer_Hammond_Vail - give me a follow there.


On the road!  We've just returned from an epic trip to Scottsdale in my 1986 Chevy cube van.  I'm learning to drive and care for this diesel and imagining how I might mod this former Swat vehicle/turned art van to be both styley and functional.  She needs a paint job but that's something I can handle.  We traveled 2,500 miles, from the ski resorts of Colorado to the desert of Arizona and then on to Vegas, and then I went home to Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving.

The Scottsdale Art Fest was perfect.  We traded in snow boots and down coats for flip flops and sun hats.  I was traveling with Ken Moehn Studios so that he could both document the adventure, help set up and allow me to paint while the festival was in full swing. I started two new pieces with a color palette that could only have been inspired by the deep purples and copper of the Arizona desert.

Look for me in the future in Denver, Dallas, Austin, Palm Springs, Chicago, New York and you can always find my work at Gallery 166 in Vail, Colorado or Gallery 8 Arts in Avon, Colorado.

Palm Springs!  

I've never been to Palm Springs and was surprised by a few things, it's beautiful, the misty clouds that kept rolling over the hillside, the green from recent rains, the abundance of modern art and design. The festival was well attended, and one of my very first collectors drove from Scottsdale to pick up a piece. My parents and dear friend Judy attended which was really special. We were able to stay at my friend Billy's AirBnB in Joshua tree which is a marvel, both modern and high tech and eclectic full of recycled art. I painted a few paintings while there, one now gifted to Billy's property and the other gifted to Judy.